Clive says:

I felt I had to re-live many wonderful times spent in the company of such a lovable character, times I now consider precious. The fact that so many others came forward to share their own memories convinced me to write this book.

The book portrays a family member who becomes very popular with many others, mainly due to his humerous, loving and caring attributes. To them he was simply their best mate who never failed to put a smile on their face. Many fun loving characters appear along the way, those are the ones that help to bring out the biggest character of them all.

I believe readers will relate to this book because of its close family connection, it provides a true, honest, modern tale of an everyday family striving to enjoy and make the most out of life, it highlights family values. A typical passage from the book reads: “His attitude and his ability to find common ground with people from all walks of life is admirable, often formed out of friendly banter”. In a nutshell this book illustrates just how a fun loving, life loving individual wins the hearts of so many, from the outset his attitude and care for others continue.

Single handedly he unites a village who return their love and respect by crowning him.


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This book can also be purchased at ‘The Beaufort Arms’ The beating heart of Stoke Gifford at a cost of £8.00.


Our reviews

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Sue Saunders
The book throughout had me smiling and laughing at the antics Ben got up too. You can definitely feel that you know Ben when you read it

Tony Mills
Having now read "Our Ben And Us" I cannot recommend THIS Book highly enough.

Laura McGrath
I haven't read a book for many years yet I couldn't put it down!

Nick Day
I urge you to read Ben's story and the mark this extraordinary guy left in his all too short life.

Angie Matthews:
Thank you Clive for sharing Ben's life and such private moments, the book captures his life, personality, sense of humour, love and respect.

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