Clive says:

I felt I had to re-live many wonderful times spent in the company of such a lovable character, times I now consider precious. The fact that so many others came forward to share their own memories convinced me to write this book.

I believe readers will relate to this book because of its close family connection, it provides a true, honest, modern tale of an everyday family striving to enjoy and make the most out of life, it highlights family values. A typical passage from the book reads: “His attitude and his ability to find common ground with people from all walks of life is admirable, often formed out of friendly banter”. In a nutshell this book illustrates just how a fun loving, life loving individual wins the hearts of so many, from the outset his attitude and care for others continue.

Single handedly he unites a village who return their love and respect by crowning him.


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This book can also be purchased at ‘The Beaufort Arms’ The beating heart of Stoke Gifford at a cost of £8.00.


Our reviews

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Mrs J Gibson
I found this an amazing book, written with humour, passion and sadness, but most of all with love. I laughed at the various exploits Ben was involved in as a child. The unstinting support and happiness that Clive and Gloria gave to their children has to be admired. It is no wonder he was such a loved young man and his passing caused immeasurable grief to so many. I can recommend it as an enthralling read, but have the tissues at hand.

Amazing read, capturing all my attention all the way through. Beautiful written and left me with a lump in my throat.

Joe Moon
I have never felt such emotion reading a book, I found myself laughing and crying throughout the pages which a book can rarely do. I could physically feel the humour and good spirit from certain pages and found myself overwhelmed at the end.

Valerie Thomas (Australia)
Wow! have finally finished the book and I feel I really know Ben, he is laughs and tears all the way through. The last chapter though really got me, I could feel the pain, brilliantly written.

John Nutt (Belarus)
This book is penned really well, towards the end I felt I really knew Ben. It is an excellent read filled with different emotions brilliantly chronicled within the pages. Bravo! a masterful peice of writing.

Sharon Gibbs
This book was an amazing read, after I had finished reading the last chapter I felt I just wanted to hug all my loved ones even tighter. Families will probably be much more thankful for each other after reading it.

Gill Dennis
Wow! I enjoyed reading the book so much I just couldn’t put it down, I found it full of memories, laughter and sadness. What an insight to a wonderful loving family.

Kerry Marsh
Once you start it you can’t put it down, it is a really good book.

Charlene Frampton (Dubai)
This book is so beautifully written,it has brought so many happy memories flooding back to me. Ben was such an amazing person who everyone adored, I will never forget his cheeky smile.

Vera Panes
Just finished reading the book about a lovely son, what a wonderful story about true love between a family. It made me cry but it also made me smile, a great read.

Sue Shergold
I am sat on Ben’s bench while I am writing this and I can feel the warmth all around. The book was fantastic and I just know he is still here.

Nick Day
I urge you to read Ben’s story and the mark this extraordinary guy left in his all too short life.

Tony Mills
Having now read “Our Ben And Us ” I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Laura McGrath
I haven’t read a book for many years yet I couldn’t put it down!

Sue Saunders
The book throughout had me smiling and laughing at the antics Ben got up too. You can definitely feel that you know Ben when you get to read it.

Angie Matthews
Thank you for sharing such private moments and Ben’s life. The book captures his life, personality, sense of humour, love and respect.

Beryl Darby (Best selling Author)
Thank you Clive for sharing Ben's life and such private moments, the book captures his life, personality, sense of humour, love and respect.

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